Do you need a Website or Custom Programming Services?

Many companies find themselves with fewer IT resources than needs and plans. This happens with large and small companies alike. Exits, Inc. has long-term proven software products and tenured IT staff who successfully programmed these products and currently maintains them. Your company can benefit from our expertise; we understand your industry and challenges as well as today's technology.

Using members of the same team that built Global Wizard, you can quickly design and develop a simple web presence or a full service, enterprise-running software application.

Exits can also host the production version of your site(s). During development, you'll have the opportunity to review a program or site in progress. We provide development, test, and production versions of the product so that we can work as needed on new features without impacting performance of your live site.

Additionally, Exits can provide your company with copywriting services for your new or existing website. Our staff boasts many years of writing experience including authorship of user manuals, small ads, marketing materials, magazine articles, whitepapers, and blog posts.

Please contact us to learn more about what we have to offer your company.


Web Design and Development
Classic ASP
Database Design
Data Integration
Web Services
XML Schema
Flat File Parsing
EDI Standard
Pipe or Comma Delimited
Fixed Width
Outcome Logging
Business Process Mapping
Current to Plan
Business Rules for Software
Needs Analysis
Business Writing
Marketing Materials
User Manuals
Business Blogging
Website Copy

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