Denied Persons

Screening of Restricted Parties

Screen first; ship later.

Global Wizard Denied Persons enables exporters to satisfy government due diligence requirements and deny services, sales, and product delivery to or from sanctioned firms, denied parties, and restricted persons by verifying entities against all restricted/denied lists of the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK, GB), Canada, Germany, Japan, and many others.

Denied Persons Screening Features

  • Over 61,000 entries included for denied or restricted persons, parties, entities, etc. Ongoing updates.
  • Full audit trail - snapshots in time of past searches. Annotate your searches.
  • Client Specified Denied Persons - add your own Denied Persons, as needed.
  • System views of recently added, modified, and deleted parties, persons, entities, etc. by date range, listing government, and agency, etc. are also available.
  • Output your search results into Excel.

Data integration is available via a web service that will send results back to your company for storage as well as store searches and search results in Global Wizard. Contact Us for more information.

Shipment Wizard, the export documentation generator of Global Wizard, has integrated the dynamic Denied Persons Screening process to alert users of the results for each shipment while preparing documentation.

Denied Persons Screening

Denied Persons Screens

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