Global Wizard Data Integration

If your company stores much of the data necessary to produce shipment documents and would like to feed that information to Shipment Wizard instead of using valuable work time re-keying the same information, Shipment Wizard offers two ways to accept your data, via web service calls or flat file transfer via FTP or, if necessary, AS2.

Web Service Integration with XML Payload

Web Services are a real-time way to move data between two parties. For the non-technical among us, web services refer to the transfer of data in nearly as simple a method as if you were requesting or sending data to your own servers.

Shipment Wizard accepts shipment data in a structured, hierarchical format that allows your company to map its data to the Shipment Wizard data fields. The data is sent and received in real-time fashion, and users can immediately see the data in Shipment Wizard and make any data additions, produce documents, and/or send the data to the US Government's AES (Automated Export) system.

Most of the data validation is done via the XML Schema itself, which defines the structure in which the data must be sent. More complex business rules are handled in the business logic section of the program, ensuring that your data undergoes the same rigorous validation that it would receive if it were entered by hand.

Flat File Integration with FTP Transfer

Have an ERP that produces a standard file format but limited technical staff and programming time? This integration method is for you. With a bit of interaction from your business staff, the Global Wizard technical staff can map your file format and enable proper processing.

This program also performs detailed validation both at the field and business rule level.

Denied Persons Web Service Data Integration

For customers who need only Denied Persons screening, Global Wizard offers a web service integration to our Denied Persons system. Provide a name, and we'll send back the results from our search engine in structured XML hierarchical format. Your technical staff can receive the results and format them on screen or save them to your corporate data. As always, Global Wizard also stores when you searched, the user who requested the search, when it was conducted, and a snapshot of the results at the time of search. For more information about the Denied Persons application, please visit the product page.

Global Wizard Integration


No, Data Integration.

Transfer your back-end system data to save time and money. Global Wizard ensures seamless integration.

Choose between XML web services and flat file data transfer to move your data.

Both methods are proven and cost effective. Web services work in real time, and flat file processing is queue based. Both move data much faster than people can type and process.