Global Wizard Software as a Service

Are you up on your buzzwords? Software as a Service – SaaS. What does it mean to you?

Global Wizard can show you. Software as a Service means you access our software via your web browser attaching to the Internet. It doesn’t matter where you’re in Rome, Italy or Rome, Georgia USA. All you need is your computer, an Internet connection, current web browser - preferably Internet Explorer - and access to Global Wizard.

There are proven benefits to working with Software-as-a-Service applications. Here’s a quick listing:

No need for servers or other hardware

We take care of that, expanding as needs grow. Your infrastructure costs of running hardware – gone.

No need for day-to-day IT involvement

IT is often involved in the evaluation process for due diligence reasons, but once Global Wizard’s been vetted (and data communication set up if data integration is involved), IT can comfortably focus on your company’s other goals. Your IT staff is busy. It won’t be busier with Global Wizard.

Remote access is a reality

As mentioned before, work from anywhere – Global Wizard offers global accessibility.


Global Wizard has been offering this software as Software-as-a-Service since 2003. This is way before the buzzword was coined. We partner with Xiolink to ensure that the software is always working, secure, and available, addressing the main concerns most companies have with hosted applications.

Easier collaboration

Your business process might require you to initiate a transaction, but Sally in Idaho is the person who completes it. Global Wizard allows you to administrate your business process by controlling user rights and access. And all of your users need only a computer, web browser, and an Internet connection.

Faster deployment times

Would you like to start creating shipments tomorrow? That should be doable. Most customers find that set-up can be completed within a week; typical set-up entails including a company logo for documents, product/entity load of your existing "master" data, and digital signature formatting and assignment to your created users. If you want to "hit the ground running" without these features, tomorrow is doable.

Small start-up cost

For as little as $900 for some companies with very low shipment volume, Global Wizard can be operational and saving you time and money. A Denied Persons only package can cost even less.

If you've got questions about Global Wizard that are not answered here, please Contact Us. We'll be happy to talk with you and can demo Global Wizard via WebEx.

Global Wizard Value

Software as a Service

Global Wizard is specially tailored to deliver immediate benefit and ROI.

It does what you need and delivers just the right information and features for small and medium-sized exporters.

Because Global Wizard is Software as a Service, you don't pay for hardware, software, upgrades, or development. Just sign up and use it. You pay by how much you use the system.

Global Wizard is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your company can use customized documents, unique company data fields, and we can integrate to your ERP or other back-end systems.

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